Friday, May 29, 2009

They call it business ?

Educational institutes seem to be competing with each other in lying and misleading parents in their race to woo more students through their deceiving advertisements that brazenly display rosy tailored results.

Basically in our country public inaction is taken for granted. Everybody knows that nobody will act so the offenders have the temerity of doing these gross malpractices.

Let me tell you their tricks.

Catch students from coaching institutes of Kota when they come home after finishing their IIT preparation course. Offer them free coaching for CBSE , no one will object, as these students are very average on CBSE topics. Now, take their photo in the institute form and use their IIT results….

Take photo of any tom dick harry and write some name underneath, who has got time to check.

Contact people who are selected and offer them I- pod, mobile phone and if required a laptop people generally don't mind.

If a candidate has got 1000 rank in SC or OBC conveniently forget category and make it general rank. Such errors can happen, you know.

If a candidate is in EML he or she is NOT selected, but claim it a selection. After all how will an ordinary citizen know the difference? Even if he does EML list is given with JEE result so it suits the convenience.
Conduct a free open test and keep some goodies as prize for top ten students , good students won't mind writing the test to check their level of preparation .Now use their photograph and take the credit of two year of hard work of somebody in one day.Who is going to check who has spent long hours preparing these students. All that counts is financial muscle.
In the end buy results of selected students and call it scholarship. Someone ought to tell these people scholarship is given to support studies and not to enjoy results.
Media talks so much about corruption but they are indeed party to this corruption. These people can never look beyond their advertisement revenues. The most common one liner you get from them is “what can we do it is an advertisement and it is not our responsibility to check the truth”. Fellows, if it was future of your child will you not explore the truth?

These so called cheaters (teachers) are raping the education and media is providing them the place for the act.

I won’t keep quite if media won’t help, hopefully, law will….


  1. I agree,education system has changed drastically,v'hv coaching institutes in every GULLY-MAHULLA, anybody n everybody comes with with an institute which is very wrong since not all of them wana cater to the purpose,most of them only wana make money. above all,media here has a very important role to play coz only through them people can come to know what exactly is the standered of these institutes. but even media has to follow a certain code of conduct and it cannot open up truth completely,maybe someday we come up with a code that would only provide 100%truth!


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