Friday, July 31, 2009

Desperation desperates

The news of giving reservation to Gurjars was not half as shocking and distressing, as the fact that every political party is now trying to take the credit for it. There was not a single voice which condemned these jokers who blocked the highways and damaged public property to pressurize government to accept their demands. We have this tendency to reward the beastly, noisy and lawless hooligans. I can’t forget the scenes that Mayawati supporters created at Bhopal station twelve years ago, now this Bainsla and party finally got what they wanted, by virtually paralyzing the civic life.

Why and how do they get away with anything? The reason is, we are surrounded by people who are willing to compromise. All around us are boneless wonders for whom expediency is the only virtue. An average Indian does not live his life by any principles; convenience is the key to his code of conduct. We leave them, because we know, we can not fall to their level , but when decency is mistaken for weakness it is wise to throw away the glove and use the iron fist. It might be time to leave the ‘shastra (books)’ and pick up the ‘shastras( weapons)’.

Politicians have flourished and survived on lies but what is disappointing is the gross nonchalance of media. It is always “papi pet ka sawal” for most. You throw these papers and channels a piece of bone called advertisement and they will not only lick your feet but also protect you like faithful dogs.

Intellectual integrity is the scarcest commodity that we have today. Why then do we talk about virtues ? If you talk about values than stand up like a rock, come what may.How I wish there were couple of Howard Roark in editors and broadcasters who will be willing to write, talk, publish and air the views of many people like me, who feel a deep anguish against these people who actually take,we the white collared educated Indian and his inaction for granted. To such custodians of media I can only quote lines of Faiz Ahmad Faiz who said
"जिस दम से कोई मकतल में गया वो शान सलामत रहती है
ये जान तो आनी जानी है इस जान की कोई बात नहीं "

Which in English means the pride and majesty with which you walk towards gallows will always be remembered, what is about the life, it had to end one day.

Lastly, my cynicism is my own and if someone doesn’t like it then, they don’t have to.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music , language of mankind

The indisputable fact about music is its power to evoke emotions buried up within us. Music can keep us awake, put us to sleep, fill us with energy and sometimes makes us sad. Music can make memories flood back and overwhelm us. Music can take us back years to a place,to a period of our life; it can bring the memory of a persons we might not have thought about in years .

Music entertains, soothes and relaxes but good music does not stop there. . True music goes far deeper and touches our very soul and leaves its imprint on us. It may not be possible to explain or describe this reaction in ordinary language. It can only be felt. It is one of those rare experience, which baffle analytical explanation. particular music has an inherent emotion that the artist feels while rendering and the listener while listening to that music in a given emotional state, feels that special emotion again.

Rhythm combined with meaningful lyrics lead to a mystic experience. Old film songs besides Ghazals have been companions of my joys and sorrows for as long as I can rememeber. There has been no enjoyment more impersonal and sublimating than what good music offers. It prepares the very soul for something higher. This world would have been so incomplete if there was no Rafi, Lata ,Roshan , Madan-mohan, SD Burman , sahir and Jagjit . So marvelous was that period of music.
Pure vintage gold……..


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