Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music , language of mankind

The indisputable fact about music is its power to evoke emotions buried up within us. Music can keep us awake, put us to sleep, fill us with energy and sometimes makes us sad. Music can make memories flood back and overwhelm us. Music can take us back years to a place,to a period of our life; it can bring the memory of a persons we might not have thought about in years .

Music entertains, soothes and relaxes but good music does not stop there. . True music goes far deeper and touches our very soul and leaves its imprint on us. It may not be possible to explain or describe this reaction in ordinary language. It can only be felt. It is one of those rare experience, which baffle analytical explanation. particular music has an inherent emotion that the artist feels while rendering and the listener while listening to that music in a given emotional state, feels that special emotion again.

Rhythm combined with meaningful lyrics lead to a mystic experience. Old film songs besides Ghazals have been companions of my joys and sorrows for as long as I can rememeber. There has been no enjoyment more impersonal and sublimating than what good music offers. It prepares the very soul for something higher. This world would have been so incomplete if there was no Rafi, Lata ,Roshan , Madan-mohan, SD Burman , sahir and Jagjit . So marvelous was that period of music.
Pure vintage gold……..

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