Sunday, June 28, 2009

Idea of doing away with X boards

Union human resource development minister Kapil Sibal's advocacy for doing away with Class X Board examination and replacing it with internal assessment is the most bizarre idea of recent times.

‘Throwing the baby out with the bath water’ is the phrase that immediately comes to my mind at this dense idea of doing away with board at X level. Such policies have ruined the higher education in past. All these post graduates and doctorates that we produce every year are possible only in this country, where lecturers give twenty important questions and ask fifteen out of them in exam. This frees them from responsibly of teaching and students from pain of studying so, no one minds .We have absolutely no norms for ensuring the quality. People write their thesis from net; Examiners appointed as externals brazenly accept gifts and favors from the host school / college.

I for once will favor that every exam after class fifth be conducted by a neutral body at least at district level to remove the bias of school and teacher. The same paper will ensure that all the schools have complied with syllabus. Mr. Kapil Sibbal should take a look at the mark sheet of any X and XII class students. We do have twenty marks for internal assessment in X and almost everyone gets 16 plus .In class XII every student gets more than 25 out of thirty in practical , while in theory they are barely able to reach even to thirties out of remaining seventy.

They talk about reducing stress, but the performance related stress is always a good thing .A serious student is concerned and under stress even for the class test. How can one take education lightly? People should have the requisite knowledge if they are to be given a pass at the school level. One of the major reason for success of our students world wide is the grill that our students goes through in these four years from IX to XII.

Such ominous policies will make merry for corrupt teachers who brazenly hold whip of practical / internal assessment marks over the head of students and force them to join their privately run institutes which in present times are run in school premises with the help of school management. Who minds the extra buck? We talk of education and our sixteen year old X students does not even know how to talk to an elder.

Regarding the remaining points on the policies they are same wispy- washy statements that sadly await implementation. Who would mind a madrasa teaching the children that kids are not God’s choice but choice or mistake of a man and woman? Who would not want that every child of this country be educated? Only an unbiased exam can test if a person has understood the words taught to him in its true essence and they want to dilute that . Education is not a degree Mr. Sibbal it is development of human mind.

We are amidst the saddest times that a country can face as our educators, our teachers our revered GURUS have become corrupt. Money is the only measure of success and people are willing to fall to any level for that. Populism ruins us as we continue to form a brigade of uneducated degree holders


  1. i completely agrre with you. making xth board optional would only lower the standards of education and would somewhere kill the competetive spirit in students.


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