Monday, October 5, 2009

Facts don’t bother us …fiction does

I don’t want to waste reader’s time by writing anything about the uncanny ability of Raj Thackrey to covert non issues into prestige issues. I hardly understand politics but what amuses me is, no matter how eccentric this person can be, he still gets a sizable percentage of votes from Marathi Manus. Who should I blame?

Just for the benefit of the people who may not know about the latest controversy,  in one latest release of filmmaker Karan Johar some characters on screen call Mumbai by its former name Bombay . Now, that has irked   Politician (Can’t call him a leader) Raj Thakre and his brigade so much that they have instigated to protest in typical MNS-style. We have slums in Mumbai where people vegetate for existence, foreigners show that in films, but it is ok with us .Millions of people squat by the sides of railway track every morning is fact that we continently ignore but on screen if a character calls mumabi as Bombay it is national crisis. Actually some diversionist associate Mumbai as their Victory so making it Bombay will be disadvantages to them in many ways.

Two basic question that have been cobbling my mind are

1.You have a municipal problem in your colony and you telephone the authorities about it, if you are lucky someone will answer the phone only to tell you to submit the complaint in writing. You being a law abiding, morally upgrade, citified person do so, only to discover that nothing really happens for days and weeks. In contrast tell your problems in sena office and a brigade of youth might go and catch the collar of the officer- in- charge and bring him to site in true filmy style. To your surprise, the job will be done in hours. Who should be blamed?
2.Coming on to the obsequious apology of Karan Johar, well it may not make sense to you and me but it makes economical sense. Karan Johar is a young man who in every sense represents the modern youth of India who wants to get things going in his favor by any means, forget values and forget self respect, what matters these days is the economics and survival.  He knows he can’t fight these hooligans so he bows. It is difficult to expect people standing by their values when convenience is the only guiding principle of life. Who should we blame?

Personally speaking, movies like satyakam are so much of solace because at least there you see characters that you can look up to and identify with. Had uploaded this video on You-Tube because I have always found it so inspiring, hopefully Mr. Bachaan and Johar and all those who plan to apologize to Thakre will take a look.


  1. I think Raj Thakrey is not a fool not to know what impression he is creating on intelligent learned people like us by his eccentric acts and decisions. Remember when he separated from Shiv Sena his talks were very rational and showed his modern approaches. He has also spoken against Sena causing inconvenience on Valentine's Day and all... But I guess after forming his own party he soon got the realization that this is not going to work. He foresaw the things. And so he quickly changed his color before he lost anything.

    He is surely aware of his irrationalities. But just like you say "It is difficult to expect people standing by their values when convenience is the only guiding principle of life." Same with him. He also wants convenience (which comes in the form of votes and support from own community). Here, the community is to be blamed.

    By no ways I mean to favor Raj, though. I despise him from the core of my being. But I am just telling where the wrong is according to me.

  2. Even notoriety is fame ... Raj knows that
    One of MNS's candidate called mumbai as bambai in his interview , but there raj doesnt seem to care.
    The case where they ransacked Bombay scotish for using the name "bombay" is also interesting cos
    Udhav thackrey's kids go to that school and also Raj's (am not really sure about Raj's kids ..but have heard it a lot.. he was even invited as chief guest once)
    More over its a cheap way to gain publicity
    Varun gandhi used the same way to go natioanl within no time.
    The votes Raj has gained are from the typical sena votebank...Thats why Congress- NCP govt doesnt seem to be taking him seriously ...

  3. there is an award waiting for u at my blog :)

  4. I second your thoughts and after reading Darshan's comment I also agree to what he says...

  5. Sincere Thanks to all of you for sparing time for comments.

    In a democracy it is always the citizen who has to be vigilant and responsible. Lincoln said " you cant fool all the people all the time but you can always fool enough to form a government . I think raj knows that . Point truly was not Thackre it was our attitude . "Tyranny of prince is far less sinistral than indifference of cirtizen in democracy".

  6. Right, Sunil :)

    But in addition, you see, here it's not only "indifference" of citizen, but "idiocity" also. Why otherwise Raj would succeed in impressing people by his absurd ways...

  7. Raj Thackrey's brand of politics is his bread and butter plus everything else. And he succeeds due to a thought process which is widely prevalent. The disease exists and he and his ilk simply exploits that.

    He had even tried to change the name of the "Bombay Scottish School" where he himself had studied. Apart from "Bombay Dyeing" of course. These gets him the much-needed mileage and media coverage apart from other things.

    These days controversies in movies is the best way to gain media attention and free publicity (for the movie and its makers, that is)

    Very few are interested in the interests of the federation.


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