Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lessons unlearned

Watching “Surviving Mumbai” on Discovery channel  was a moving experience tonight . Expressions of survivors  and their shaking voices describing  horrific moments kept me transfixed  with  realization that how gruesome it is for  people who are face to face with death . Precise observations and honest admissions of these real people , narrating  the times  when they had lost all hope to live, makes one aware of importance of journey called  life . It was soothing to see how people become united and friendly at the time of crisis.

172 died in this inhuman act of cowardice and  for thousands, life will never be same again . Many will have to live through this nightmare with scars of bullets that luckily missed their body but  pierced their  soul.

This attack has taught us many lessons , but sadly we  have  not learnt much. A person in position of  power in this country  still feels outraged and offended when stopped for security check and an average Indian is  still unaware that his security is not the only concern  his chosen home minister has.

It has still not dawned on us that democracy is a collective effort where the authority for smooth functioning of government can be transferred to few parliamentarians  but that does not free the citizen from any responsibility . It is so sad that as a nation we are not united against terror attacks and security is yet to become our concern .I am surprised and anguished,  as to why we do not make abundant use of technology in our day to day life for prevention and detection ? Why our internal security , our traffic system and our vigil mechanism is resting on  few inapt and stooping shoulders ?Why our leaders who claim to be making our nation a better place,don't  try to make it a  safer place?

On this tragic day amidst the candle marches and forwarded messages, let us  remember words of Ernest Gaines , who wrote “Words mean nothing. Action is the only thing. Doing. That's the only thing.” Let us be vigilant ,expressing  ,questioning and acting .   Let our deeds  show our political masters that we love our country and it is high time that they must as well start doing that……


  1. a very good message is been conveyed to public that collective effort is necessary.
    well written.

  2. Your words are thought provoking. But I think that the general public also needs to take some responsibilty in making our country a better place to live it. We need to make the government more responsible and answerable. Since we do not bother the government also doesnt bother. I hope one day these words will turn to action and people will demand an answer for every wrong action of the agencies and take them to task.

  3. @Leo- Thanks for comments ,yes a collective and determined effort is absolutely necessary .

    @sonu- ma'am, That is precisely the point that I have made, we the people have to get over this leitmotif that just by casting a vote all our responsibilities as citizens are over.It is high time that we stop being wise after the event. Thanks for visiting and more than that for commenting...

  4. Your idea of collective effort is right there.

    Taking a wider perspective I see this problem (of humans killing humans) is not only faced by what we call our country and it's citizens... I see this problem (with many other such problems) suffered by the whole humanity. And that's shameful, more than for the government and the citizens of one country, for the whole of humankind.

    Yes, collective effort alone can ease the life on this planet.

    How far it's possible (rather, practical) in the world of ignorance where power-is-god is the majorly followed philosophy, God alone knows.

  5. @Darshan-Very true, it is problem that concerns humanity and civilization as whole and is not country and people specific.

    Deeply held beliefs which are unsubstantiated by logic are the root cause of terrorism. If you see the documentary, the description and footages of terrorists, show you that these boys were brainwashed by some fanatics and with a gun in the hand, they agreed to play savior of God.

    And, my definition of collective effort does not mean a couple of candle marches. I mean sensitivity and concern of citizen at every possible level. Let us be reacting and acting to let somnambulant bureaucratic mechanism know that, we the people, are awake

  6. well written sir , It is a fact that terrorism is something that is far from our minds. We are reminded about it every day.

  7. Well, a lot of activities happened to commemorate the 1st anniversary of what is now referred to as: 26/11.

    Several 'Talk shows'... where everyone loves to hear the sound of their own voice(s). Op-ed columns, bhashans, pledges, candle light processions... et al.

    Will it help... ??? The answer lies in the question itself... I guess.

    PS: Do you think 26/11 was a incident/event or do you think it was part of a larger gameplan... ???

  8. @Roshmi, I think terror attacks like these are a part of bigger conspiracy .Acts like these are aimed at creating sectarian mindsets. They are aimed at creating disharmony, especially , communal disharmony.

    Success of such operation is measured by how much they are able to poison the naïve minds. They succeed when one group sees the other community as terrorist and enemies, and the other feels victimized and wants to avenge.

    People and media have to act sensibly , After the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi there was so much stress on word SIKH terrorist and we saw the consequence. I don’t think when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated they stressed on word MARATHI killer.

    What I think, Attacks like these are never meant to kill couple of innocent people they are aimed at creating distrust in minds .They are aimed to initiate a chain of blame games that is aftermath of such events.

  9. Absolutely Sunilji! You have summed up the whole thing very well.

    When it was the turn of Mrs. G's son... another organisation and group was brought into the limelight.

    Elsewhere, in the land of our estranged sibling... when a high-profile lady was sent to meet her maker - well before her time, a few other names and the names of some other organisations were bandied about.

    There was a series of events after that. Another hotel, public places, then 26/11. This was a ploy to get this so-called 'War on Terror' squarely onto the subcontinent.

    I think it should be called the 'War of Terror' instead.

    Unfortunately, no organisation/institution is free of influence. The media included. They are owned by mortals... who inturn are tied to other mortals/angels... and the 'chain-of-command' goes very far indeed.

  10. collective effort is what we needded today. good work buddy!


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