Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year ?

Another year gone. I am sure for most of us it was a bagful of experiences, many of which will remain with us in memories and a few, might have already transformed into lessons.

Inboxes and mailboxes are filled with wishes that in someway bring warmth; it feels nice to know that our existence is recognized by people in form of SMS or mail. In my personal view the idea of “NEW YEAR” suits the markets. For an individual or group has anything changed over night? What is it then at the root? Hope for a better tomorrow? Better in which terms? How can we express the antique of days in us with only the sounds of our yesterday and today?

 “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons This line from T S Eliot's poem hangs around and goes through my head almost daily. I try to understand what he meant but then the meaning of it changes from different window panes of my mind. Some of us measure time with setting and rising of sun and most of us measure this by the device tied to our wrist or kept in our pockets. It is for each one of us to decide how we intend to give meaning to the time.

Life is a process, a constant journey to become the person we think we were meant to be.An anguished longing to attain the destinations we plan to attain .Life is about a purpose which is not limited to a New Year resolution   and this day  definitely has more to live for than an occasion to party. Jeremy Irons sensibly said “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

Happy New Year .......You may suffix it with exclamation mark, a period , a comma or a series of dots .For me it is a question mark , I am ignorant  and in humility to  my ignorance lies my answer.
For yours, I am waiting……. ..


  1. Frankly I am not very enthused by the New Year (or other over the top festivals/celebrations)!

  2. BTW, I was wondering if you would want to write an essay for 'Hai baaton me dum' contest to promote Hindi on the web. You have to write an essay (100 to 1000 words in Hindi). Ignore if you already know it or are not interested. Last date Jan 31.

  3. @Vikas : Thanks for the link...i did not know about it .I will write , I definitely will . I have a Hindi Blog too, unfortunately, i am not able to give any time to it. Which category are you choosing?

  4. Yes i know your Hindi blog.

    I will choose health because of natural interest (and low competition). Will write more than one entry in various categories.

  5. You would know it Sunil, that I feel nothing extraordinary about such occassions. I am surprised to see Vikas's view which is quite matching mine, if I understood it right. Be it new year, or christmas, diwali, or whatever else, I find in them no more reason to celebrate than I find in every single day, in every single moment. Sometimes I think such celebrations are nothing but people's enmptiness and the want of fulfillment coming out with force. I am quite fulfilled all the time. Can't say this to everyone who wishes me, so I just wish them back... :)

  6. To me new year is a day to give new look to existing things for a better tomorrow ... for self and for all near and dear one.... new year is a day which reminds me that time is running out and i have not achieved what i decided for myself...the day to carve better tomorrow by learing form the mistakes of self and others....a day to fill happiness in the life of others by saying good things and wishing good luck ..a day to give hope to others with unspoken words that a person is still existing to stand by with him in this most uncertain world

  7. @Darshan: To tell you the truth, I personally like the wishing part because I think communication is the soul of relationships. Regarding the celebration part I don’t get any thrill out of socializing that way .Some people enjoy partying and believe in living it up it is OK as it is their life. Perceptions about life differ, some enjoying sucking with sponge of mind and some like to flow in the stream of heart. Everyone is in search to the key to what is commonly called happiness, without realizing that it may not have fallen outside but hidden somewhere inside our own house…

  8. Yup a new year dawns and surprisingly it seems to have come so fast!!!!!
    with it it brings new hopes and aspirations...but i believe thats all this is pschological...i see each day as a new day
    But yes it does give an excuse to party...hehehehe

  9. @sonu: so you settle for series of dots ? excuse, yes... may be ...if one needs......but Reason..... hmmmm.... I would again settle for a question mark.......

  10. "Life is a process, a constant journey to become the person we think we were meant to be.An anguished longing to attain the destinations we plan to attain .Life is about a purpose which is not limited to a New Year resolution and this day definitely has more to live for than an occasion to party."

    Very apt indeed.

    Life is a journey with several opportunities, learnings, unlearnings, etc along the way. People who dwell on the negatives most of the time... do not make much out of their lives. For others... life itself is a miracle and a celebration.

    Each and every moment of one's life is a cause for joy and celebration. Earmarking specific days for the purpose is meaningless... though it generates business and contributes towards the bottomline of several corporations.

  11. @ Roshmi: To tell you the truth, I was waiting for your remark.It is a pleasure to associate with writers like you who are also good readers .You have this unmatched ability to contemplate and understand the underlying meaning and spirit behind what is written in lines .Thanks and Wishing you a very fulfilling new year.....

  12. Its yet another date in a calender nothing so different or new about it. For some new year is a nice excuse to start all over again or to begin something new. Each new day can be a new beginning, it all depends on how we treat it.
    I liked Eliot's line.

  13. sir,
    i've been your admirer since i met you.....

    and love to read your blogs...

  14. @shas: Thanks for stopping by ..looking forward to hear more from you.

  15. @spiky: wish I could know about your identity.Thanks for the words of encouragement ...


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