Friday, December 27, 2013

Challenges before AAP and Arvind Kejriwal

The success of Aam Adami Party is not in 28 seats that it won in recent assembly elections. Its real success lies in inception of this belief that ordinary and common people with extraordinary resolve in their mind and uncommon fire in their heart, can get support of public against the swindling mercenary style politics of professional politicians. Their victory has, in many ways, rejuvenated the hope for a democracy, where people we choose to represent us, do not become, our rulers.

A new Government of these young unknown names will be sworn into power in hours from now. Needless to say, this authority to govern will come with a bagful of responsibilities and expectations that is already bursting at the seams . As an average, unknown, nation loving citizen, following are few things that I suggest that they watch out for

1. Don’t confuse populism with socialism: Socialism in its true sense is judicious investment of human and material resources to generate growth that raises the standard of living for the masses. Socialism must aim at uniformity rather than equality . Task of good government is to convert population into useful human resource that can substantiate growth for individuals and nation. Job of government is to develop means for dignified existence of citizens rather than distribute freebies for political gains. A thinking and rational citizen does not necessarily need things for free. He wants quality of goods and services in easy and uninterrupted manner for a transparent cost for all. Onus should be on improving the quality rather than just reducing the price. Take for example electricity, focus should be on bringing down transmission and distribution losses to reduce cost , amicable profit cutting of companies through audit, without tempering too much with demand supply equation and disturbing the costing mechanism or we stand a fear of going back to DESU days of anarchy.

2. Take humanistic capitalism route over pseudo Marxist path: Any social engineering, no matter, how purposeful requires finances that come from direct and indirect taxes. Every welfare scheme costs exchequer an amount . Hence , industry and corporate should be encouraged with conducive policies for growth with minimum of administrative hassles that sadly is lacking from their focus so far. This in my humble opinion is the major reason of popularity of Mr. Narendra Modi. "Amiri hatao " should not take over "Garibi Hatao" in a zest for equality. Growth in industries and infrastructure will also create new jobs that will lead to sustainable development.

3. Have a diversified model for development: India is a diverse country and has vast socio- economic stratum. Aspirations of different segments of society are very different , diverse and demanding. For example, middle class and youth would like to have boost to entrepreneurship through easy availability of loans and government sponsored ventures. Riches and established industries would look for policies favorable for export for business diversification and alliance with foreign collaborators for technological up-gradation and capital investments. Poor sections of society would justifiably want protection and right to dignified existence by provision of basic amenities at subsidized cost besides essential education facilities , basic health and protection that indeed are responsibilities , obligation and duty of every government in a welfare state. These diverse requirements demand a much wider model for growth than their present Gandhian model of 'Swaraj'.

4. Be Diplomatic in Public speaking: Media these days is news hungry , more than willing to put words in mouth of leaders to form another story. They need to choose their words carefully. They really need to realize that sending the corrupt to jail is job of court not the political party leaders. Thankfully they have masters like Mr.Yogendra Yadav who are perfect in their measured responses.

5. Never mind the cynics : This world of full of people who criticize each and everything that is new without understanding the meaning of popular adage that "every great event starts with a hearsay and ends with a dogma". This compulsive habit ,this ardent desire to show that they know the other side and inside of every story is out of psychological complexes in personality. Critics will talk, there will be caricatures in the social media every hour and there will be lot of venom spiting by paid party workers of opponents and some unpaid self proclaimed intellectuals . Unperturbed by these noises ,they should continue to focus on task cut out for them because only work and time will be their reply to such elements

6.Take required security cover : It is a welcome step to put an end to VIP culture of which every self respecting citizen finds very offending but at the same time Arvind needs to realize that he is taking on mafia in a big way and a certain amount of security is essential for public figures. As the saying goes "Believe in God but lock your car " . There is hardly any need to publicize his route and moves that will only make him a soft target. He should also prepare and bring to lime light a second line of leaders . Democracy and party politics can never be a one man show. 

Young India will be watching them starry eyed for they stand to parent rebirth of morality in Indian polity . The period of gestation may be long and delivery very painful, but I think , no one can dedicate their lives for better cause than this . Destiny and Public have offered them a unique opportunity. Hope they don’t waste it. As a well wisher, supporter and admirer of their believes , I sincerely wish them best of luck.


  1. ...and this explains everything... a must read for everybody Sir.

  2. Everytime I read you, you make me think the same things under a new light. Nobody, till date, put it so aptly, "Socialism must aim at uniformity rather than equality" nor did someone so beautifully say, "where people we choose to represent us, do not become, our rulers."
    thank you for taking your time out and writing this without expecting anything, financial or otherwise, in return.

    1. Faiz Bhai , I am glad you liked it. I take your complement as reward because it comes from a person like you who has exquisite taste and who himself writes so beautifully. Thanks for reading and for encouraging comments.

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