Sunday, December 28, 2008

will a war with pakistan reduce terroism

Like every Indian I feel outraged and anguished by these ghastly attacks on our independence and integrity of common man in our nation. I truly feel that there should be more action and less talk. If we have to shoot we should, instead of talking. Military actions are about timing. If India needed to do surgical strikes, it should have happened already, sending a clear message to the fundamentalist forces that these cowardly acts of killing innocent people are not going to get them anywhere. It is now too late to do that. I really don’t think that terrorist and their mentors are waiting in these training camps wanting to be struck.

In the present scenario the basic question that we need to ask ourselves is who we are declaring war against and who our true enemies are? Our true enemies are not the people of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan but the fundamentalist forces and militia operating from Pakistan?

India would certainly like to see a democratic government in Pakistan which can be pressurized by forces from international and national intelligentsia. A general war is exactly what the Taliban would want so that. It can then rip up more rhetoric and recruit may more terrorists to its cause in Pakistan weakened further by war, so it can take control.With this in mind I would like to put forward a slightly different perspective…

Seeing the US's misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan it is evident that world’s fate does not depend on the events of its battlefields alone. Let us understand this fact that we are sitting on the borders of a country whose government cannot control its own armed forces, over the fundamentalist forces. The process that started when the US government armed and trained the Taliban through the Pakistan Army and ISI to fight the Russians has backfired on Pakistan who is in danger completely Talibanized .The fact is Pakistan cannot control the terrorists. In the light of above following steps may prove useful in short term.

1. Get the US, European countries and china to tighten the curbs on Pakistan, persuade them to stop the aid and declare Pakistan a terrorist nation. I know it is very unlikely that China will ever do it considering the market benefits it has in Pakistan. US too will not take such step considering its stake at Afghanistan and Iraq. I feel India should play more proactive role in fighting terrorism through out the world rather than making noises about the terrorism in Kashmir. When US wants refilling facilities at India our political parties make lot of hue and cry. What is so wrong about it? If we want powers to stand for us then we should be providing them support rather than being non committal and critical.

2. One solution for the whole area is to have joint army enforcement with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan together with NATO and US forces who are already in this region to eradicate out the extremist from the region of Kashmir, Pakistan and Baluchistan-NWFP- Afghanistan. It is high time to fight together against a common enemy of humanity who has no religion except to practice bloodshed. Even strategic alliance with Iran will also help as they too are suffering from Taliban menace in their border area with Afghanistan I know I am asking for severe critics .There will be lot of people who will say India is capable to take care of its own defense. For almost two decades we have been facing terrorism and what have we done?

3. History shows wars were lost not because of lack in substance but because of betrayal. There are the enemies within us that we need to find and fight. We need to get our house in order as no terrorist attack is possible without ground support within our own country so, there is a drastic need of strengthening our internal security. That is the first thing we need to do.

It is time for the Indian government to take action. India cannot be seen as being led by indecisive leaders whose thoughts are more on the coming elections rather than grappling with national security

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