Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emotions don’t get us out of crisis, wisdom does…

Almost all daily newspapers today carried the story of Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger , who safely brought the damaged Airbus A320 passenger plane to rest on the Hudson River saving life of 180 people performing a remarkable feat of flying.

Reading the complete story and about the man filled me with strange joy that I often experience, when I read about these real life heroes, who make the difference, by shear strength of their mind, character and courage. Some are calling it a miracle but to me it truly is triumph of human brain and its control over shoddy emotions.

Heroes are often born in an instant, the split second that it takes to recognize a potential disaster and to react to avert it marks the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary.

Shouldn’t we the teachers put every effort to develop a cool and analytical mind, rather than continuing the rhetoric of words that makes the subjects? Words procedures and theory is required but in the end what counts is the application of what is taught.

Reading more about the captain truly outlines his remarkable strength of characters. First the gentleman came out of plane after checking twice that every passenger was rescued .Later. While the media hollered praise and government leaders applauded his professionalism, it is said that, Captain Sullenberger retained his focus, avoiding the limelight analyzing with federal investigators studying what went wrong with US Airways Flight 1549. He said to reporters, in the most unaffected, humble way, ‘That’s what we’re trained to do,’

No boasting, no emotion, just natural strong character, Salute to you captain……..

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  1. i cant agree more with u wen u say 'wat counts is the application of wat is taught'...
    our system of education hardly matches with that thought which analyse a student on d basis f stupid exams that hardly tells anything about the students practical ability.
    the value of training is retained only wen it comes into practical in the case of captain Chesley
    nice read


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