Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pakistan: A great pretender

Pakistan continues to pretend innocent when it in fact is dangerously vicious. It pretends to fight terrorism but practices exactly the opposite. It pretends to be a prey when it indeed is a criminal.

Right from the independence its leaders have thrived on single point agenda to somehow cultivate hatred for India to distract people’s attention from day to day problems of unemployment ,hunger and poverty .To draw a curtain on their shortcomings and to defocus public attention they have always needed an image of larger enemy in form of India.

All their leaders are opportunity chasers who want to make millions for them by fooling people. Musharraf was a master in this act who took billions of dollars in aid to fight terrorism but instead used this money to modernize its army and in upgrading terrorists’ infrastructure in its eastern borders. Zardari is a proven criminal and a sympathy monger who carries the portrait of slain wife wherever he goes to show that he is a first hand victim of terror. These weak leaders and their weak leadership has manifested in weak civil society and a weak nation on brink of disintegration.

India should act swiftly as and when there are terror attack and carry out surgical strikes and do the explanations later. This will give us a strategic advantage and will also send a message across the globe that India does have an iron hand inside the soft glove. The aim should not be a war against Pakistan’s people, the thump should be against those nasty elements operating whether from Pakistan or within India.

All in all there should be timely action as in too many words the essence of truth is always lost.

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