Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let us see

Last year has been crucial .Working just four hours a day in the Institute gave me lot of time for things I wanted to do. I was comfortable but there was something always lacking, somehow, I was not myself but just a cog in the wheel whose momentum I could not control.

The question that rose often was why I chose to be a teacher? Was I able to execute the ideology that I preach and believe in? Was I able to execute my methods?

The road ahead is difficult. It would again mean long days and no time for self and the void of chemistry teacher who can complement is still unfulfilled .but I think it is worth it. Whatever takes shape will be mine, now and forever.

It is said success is the measure for people to judge you and satisfaction is the measure that you judge yourself by. I pray, God gives the courage to stay focused when offers are so tempting and to have poise where education is sold like products. It is going to be difficult to compete against institute with financial muscle who buy and manage results and then through media create hype.

I would need your good wishes friends, so please keep me in your prayers…….

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