Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jodhpur 'Bandh' by LAWYERS

I admit that I am not so knowledgeable about law, IPC and the way our courts operate. Still as a citizen of a democratic country I am enraged about the ‘Bandh’ called by the lawyers which has led to loss of working hours for students, government and general public.

The basic questions that I have in my mind are following

1. Is person living in Mewar or Haroti region of Rajasthan, a lesser Indian so that he should be deprived of the justice?

2. A normal administrative case might take five to six years to sort out; doesn’t it mean that person residing in Udaipur has to come to Jodhpur to attend court, most of the time to get another date?

3. We know justice delayed is justice denied may I dare ask, what the association of lawyers that calls strike for their benefits, has done to improve the situation for the common man. This strike has meant loss a working day and so many cases scheduled for today have been delayed by months. Are they prepared to work this Sunday to compensate for the loss that has been done to every aggrieved whose plea was to be heard today.

Correct me if I am wrong, but If the core reason is that if there is bench at Udaipur, then the lawyers operating from here will get lesser cases and that will impact their business. If that is the reason then the doctors at AIIMS should object to opening of AIIMS at Jodhpur because that will mean lesser patients being referred to them Delhi? The laws are for people or people are for the laws?

As the population increases the facilities have to increase and come within the approach of common citizens. Can institute meant to provide service to public can be monopolized by city boundaries? We the Indians are good people but attitude like this strengthens my apprehension that if there is a last drop of water left on earth we are going to kill each other for it.

The ill impact of the Strikes and Bandh is too common to write about and I have already expressed my anguish on air on this matter.


I truly fail to understand how the profession of people can be linked to reputation of Jodhpur.I can understand the agony of lawyers as it is effecting their business but if someone in media links this to repuattion of city and compares this with olympic gold , then it is sad . The role of court is to provide speedy justice .Don't you think denial of that to a common man besmirches the reputation of the whole judicial system. For me what is important is that timely justice is given to a common man and it is immaterial from where they do it.

I love Jodhpur for its peace, harmony and culture, but I fail to understand how having a bench at Udaipur is going to harm Jodhpur .The purpose of this post is not to offend anyone but is educate myself about the core problem , If someone has the answer.


  1. yes sir..i am strongly supports your openion..that's absolutly right..who have answers for these questions..!!

  2. I found your radio talk on the subject as impressive as this article.


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