Monday, August 17, 2009

You ,I and THEY……....

I think detaining Shah Rukh Khan, who was not even traveling on diplomatic passport to US, at Newark airport, is being blown out of proportion, by media. Even when facts are not completely known, this is being linked to, sniffing of former president Mr. APJ Kalam, reflects on lack of understanding of protocols and superficiality of our media.

For me, what is more important than his being detained is he now trying to pull a racial card on this. What evidence or logic he has to come out with a statement that he was subjected to this because he is a Muslim. Why these celebrities, first Azzaharudin, then Imran Hashmi and now SRK link Religion and race with what happens to them at the personal level.

‘After the event even a fool is wise’. Sadly, we have not learned much from the incident of attack on parliament. Security is not about fixing responsibility, asking resignations, and having a blame game after the event .Security is about being cautious and vigilant. It is about having a protocol and not deviating from that under any circumstances. . It is the preparedness and vigil in US (call them paranoid if you want to) that there has been no major terrorist incident in US after 9/11 where as here we have a bomb blast almost every week. The reason is before implementation of the law we see the person and his stature.

Every time Salman Khan comes to Jodhpur to attend the court, media creates such hype. Officers treat him like a star, local papers shows him smoking and sitting as if he is kind of celebrity where as he is an accused criminal booked for killing poor animals, for his fun. I am surprised why these police officers who show power of their badge to a common man, do not take him to a corner and give him couple of slaps to teach him the way he should sit in the court during trials. The problem is people treat these film stars as if they are from mars and worship them. As a consequence these icons start behaving like lesser mortals above the laws of this land.

Once we allow search dogs on Gandhiji's samadhi, just before President Bush visit, why then such hue and cry about Shahrukh Khan being held for an hour at Newark airport. We can have reactions if he was not treated in a courteous manner .If he was assaulted or abused. Shahrukh khan is an icon at least in India, but should that be reason enough for somebody is exempt from questioning in US? Nobody knows if his “Don’t you know who I am?”, got him into this.

My question to all those angry fans out there is, would they all be just as angry if this had happened to common man from the same religion as SRK. It is sad that previously it was just petty politicians here who exploited religion as a means to gain more popularity, and now these film stars call themselves victim when the reality is they have a fragile ego that has utter disrespect for law of the land. In US they started trial against Clinton when he was in office, don’t forget the Watergate scandal and Nixon, they simply don’t care who you are SRK? Nothing comes before safety and security of nation.

Only thing I can say SRK, There are already communal riots on the name of religion in this country so be sensible. Watch “The Wednesday” and learn to be a common man. Stardom will come and go, what will remain is civilisation so, learn to be a good citizen.


  1. I am not into politics, but this is a very effective post. I don't undertsand how these people be so mindless.

  2. Lesser mortals is the phrase I liked.Very appropriate for these VIPs

  3. Sir, SRK never said that I was detained just because i m a was the media that created the hype...and i totally support them...because:-

    1) Why were the 2 HINDU bodyguards of SRK were allowed to leave the airport while not SRK and his MUSLIM BODYGUARD?

    2) Why didnt they take his fingerprint and scanned his retina to check his identity?

    3) Why were KABIR KHAN (director of NEW YORK) and IRFAN KHAN also detained?

    There are many other unanswered questions as well i think the security check in US needs to be changed right from its base...its AADHAR !!!

  4. Well first of all I am not aware if his Hindu bodyguard was given permission and Muslim one denied Once the visa was denied to body guard where does the question of detaining bodyguard comes from? For your convenience I reproduce the statement of ShahRukh “I was made to answer silly questions which had no relation with a legal and a general interrogation. They didn’t let me use my phone for an hour. I was traveling alone as the US consulate hadn’t allowed a visa to my bodyguard who coincidentally has the same name. As it is I am quite reluctant in coming to the US and I would make sure that I avoid it in the future.”

    You are upset because it was their Muslim name that caused all this. Thousands of Muslims are made to go through extra security checks everyday in America and a host of Western countries. Are you equally upset at that? We all know how a lot of Muslims have been subjected to prejudice around the world because many countries see terrorism as an Islamic phenomenon. Yes, it is uncalled for, unjust and maybe wrong. But America is a country that takes the killings of its people with the seriousness it deserves security of citizen counts more than feelings of celebrity. In US even “celebrities” like Vice President Al Gore and Senator Ted Kennedy have been at the receiving end of hard security checks at airports. Rules are equally applicable for all .Our “VIPs” and “celebrities” would have to leave their huge egos behind when traveling abroad to countries which have discarded feudal behavior and norms decades ago.

    I am dead against linking of individual problems with religion and cast. lastly,I find no reason to hero worship any star or cricketer , for me real life heros are very ordinary people who do small acts like taking the responsiblity of community park, doing something for stray animal or for uneducated and orphan children . These people these unsung heroes who return something to society and humanity are my inspiration and my stars.


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