Saturday, August 15, 2009

Strong people, key to strong nation

It is Independence Day again.

For many of us it is the time to remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and martyrs while for some it is the time to take potshots at our petty politicians and leaders.

The word freedom and independence has different meaning for different people. For some freedom may mean, setting off barefoot on a 500 km pilgrimage, leaving their womenfolk and children in their village at the mercy of God .Some find that they are free to drink infected and soiled water from some particular pond considering it cure to all their problems. The question is, when such a person becomes infected and spreads this infection to fellow members of society then his freedom becomes a social problem and he himself becomes the responsibility and liability of state.

I have been always the biggest supporter of personal freedom of an individual but, at the same time to deserve freedom, an individual should have individuality, principles, values and a deep understanding that others living in this world also enjoy similar freedom. To quote Stephen R. Covey “Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom, the power to choose, to respond, and to change.

Freedom is supposed to be natural state of humankind but when human inhibit a common world they are governed by certain rules of society that are supposed to ensures a harmonic co-existence. A good country is collection of good citizens and every act of greatness truly begins with self. So, the need is to free our minds from cobwebs of irrationality that defy the logic and reason. The need for an individual is able to look at his own-self, objectively and measure him on the standards that he uses to judge the world around him. How I wish the effort of every individual is directed at improving himself and in becoming a rational, reasoning and compassionate individual and citizen. Collection of such citizens will surely make the country we can all be proud of.

To add to this, comes to my mind a Hindi song which in some sense epitomizes the sprit of freedom

Hum ko man ki shakti dena, man vijay kare
Dusaron ki jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

Bhedabhav apane dil se saaf kar sake
Doston se bhool ho to maaf kar sake

Zooth se bache rahe, sach ka dam bhare
Khud pe hausala rahe, bade se naa dare
Dusaron ki jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare


  1. Nice thoughts. Today when everyone is looking forward for government to change the system your thoughts are inspiring individuals to bring the change at their own. pl Keep it up.

  2. A good post. Espicially "look at his own-self, objectively and measure him on the standards that he uses to judge the world around him."

    According to me freedom is what everyone deserves, but there's no need for independence. Here, by freedom I mean free of someone's control. And dependence is inherant in Nature and should be left as it is... Dependency is not harmful so there's no need for indipendence. Control is harmful.

  3. Very true, every change has to begin with self.Every one knows the rights only few are aware about their duties


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