Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corrupted by prosperity

It is everywhere, it is so promiscuously omnipresent, that it does not surprise anyone, anymore.

A government official, an engineer or a doctor getting caught red handed while accepting a bribe can hardly be considered news these days. Almost every page of newspaper has one such incident reported that we read only to check if the name mentioned is that of our acquaintance or relative. What happens subsequent to that never gets reported because nothing really happens after that .A process of departmental enquiry, temporary suspensions, a court case and reinstatement. Standing on the apex of the human greed , we are building a castle of corruption.

The recognition by the Chief Justice of India, K G Balakrishnan, that the process of investigating agencies to seek permission from higher authorities for prosecuting accused public servants is creating a "climate of impunity" is no news either; however his suggestion to enable confiscation of properties belonging to persons who are convicted of offences is very welcome. It is very appropriate and reasonable that if a public official amasses wealth at the cost of the public, then the state is justified in seizing such assets. Once president of Taiwan and his wife can be punished so severely for financial irregularities why can’t we punish pawns of bureaucracy in this country ? Why is Delhi so reluctant to do what Taipe can so vehemently execute?

The very root of corruption lies in a clear opportunity with little chance of getting caught. The lack of accountability comes primarily from lack of transparency, what causes corruption are attitudes and circumstances that make average people disregard the law. However, corruption is not just about ethics it is also about how the government is set up and managed. Corruption has its own motivations, and one has to thoroughly study that phenomenon and eliminate the foundations that allow corruption to exist.

We are so vocal about greatness of our cultural heritage and past but our code of conduct puts even the uncivilized barbarians to shame. The process of corruption starts with elections and never really ends. How true are the words of Wynton Marsalis who said “I have absolutely no idea what my generation did to enrich our democracy. We dropped the ball. We entered a period of complacency and closed our eyes to the public corruption of our democracy.”

Hope someone pays heed to chief justice and makes the corruptors suffer the hardest imprisonment and ensure that even their generations don’t get to enjoy their unearned wealth. Hang them, if you should, they have no right to make money through the chair that was assigned to them to ensure smooth functioning of democratic government…..


  1. Q. Why is Delhi so reluctant to do what Taipei can so vehemently execute?

    A. I think Delhi is not "reluctant". Delhi doesn't at all consider doing it.

    Because we are already "Proud to be Indians." What more would Delhi want!

    (No offense meant)

  2. I know, the comment is shallow. But it came spontaneously as I read that question. So did not hold it back :-)

  3. We cannot choose our parents; neither can we choose the country we are born in. So when one says one is proud to be an Indian what one means is he or she has all the reasons to be happy that he was born in the land which has cultural heritage and knowledge going back to thousand of years , sad we could not get all that patented. Nature has bestowed us with mineral resources fertile soils and good minds…We the Indians are intelligent and good as individuals but collectively we are bad team, we are too selfish and lack national character ….and it is because of this selfishness that Delhi can’t act because the people who are indirect accomplice and have got their share can’t act…..people who stand in front of u with folded hands to beg for votes will try to make us touch their feet for doing what they are chosen to do…....All said and done....I am hopeful… long as I alive …I hope things will get better....the day we become better citizens .....we will ...

  4. wow! nice writeup


  5. Very thoughtfull post on prosperity .It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Creating Power

  6. @ ryan and sorcerer
    Thanks for encouragement.I will...

  7. @ karim
    Thanks sir for the compliment and taking the time out for leaving the comment.


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