Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teacher’s day: Time to introspect and prospect

I am a teacher by choice and this in every sense is my Raison d'être. I am not to wax eloquence but I truly see this as reason for my existence.
In education, a teacher is a person, who educates others and as defined by Wikipedia, education in its broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual.
Amidst the greetings and euphoria of praise, let us look within ourselves and ask ourselves some questions .Are we the teachers doing what is in best interest of student or what is most convenient and expedient? Are we giving the child something to take home to think about besides homework? Are we putting any effort to cultivate the wish to learn? Are we doing anything to make a rational mind capable of thought or going through rituals of words on name of education? When asked for an advice do we advice what is in best interest of student or we tell him what is in our interest?
Two principles have pillared my life objectivity and spirituality. I can with full pride say that I have never treated a student like a client. I have been unwise by economical parameters many times, but this lets me assume the right to condemn those who I think are misguiding students and are clots on the name of teaching fraternity and core reasons for degradation of the moral values. I have the courage to say all this openly and publicly as I have no skeletons hidden in cupboards that should deter me from creating awareness and exposing the dirty tricks of some cheaters wearing the sheath of teachers.
Why conscience of a teacher does not bite when they give sell the dreams of IIT to a student who they know will not be capable of passing? In order to keep him in complete dark , you advice them to take admissions in schools where they have to go only to pay their fees and finally to write their exams? Doesn’t it bite your conscious when you publish results and name of students that you have never groomed? Don’t you feel like a pimp when you have to operate a coaching center from school where you have to force and catch the students to please your economic facilitator, the owner of school premises? How are you able to sleep after selling the question papers to select students? I am not saying people should not make money, teacher like any other human being wants to earn the comforts for his family. As Bob Talbert said “Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more”. So, don’t let your hunger be so strong that you are prepared to eat poison?
Last word to parents please don’t transfer your expectation to children they are a human they are not Robots that you can programmed as per your wish. How right was Louis Johannot who wisely said “The only reason I always try to meet and know the parents better is because it helps me to forgive their children”.
How can we have an honest society if the teachers are corrupt? So let us pledge to justify words of AristotleThose who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.
Chankaya was one of the best teachers of his time and his saying are relevant even today, To understand what I mean ,please watch this video that I have uploaded on you tube


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  2. It is a very sad thing to see how education is become business these days. I wonder looking at the fees in lacs what do they need so much money for...

    Sometimes it also bothers me as to how can a true and principled teacher survive in the system where everyone is willingly submitted to malpractices...

  3. The whole idea of education is pretty skeptical...and the pressure that parents put on kids today is the sole reason why so many of them commit suicide..

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  4. It is because we look at our children as OBJECTS that we have created. We very often forget that every child is person in oneself and that individulaity should be regarded.As long as the purpose of education is getting a job instead of developing rationality things will remain the way they are....

  5. This post will help me in writing my dream article: "Education needs Revolution."
    Keep writing :)

  6. @manank if you can read Hindi there is more to help you with on the topic..

  7. just copy and paste the link manank


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